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aloha~~ mlm nie bru ade mood nk update blog... kali nie aku nk citew psl drama thai~ slame nie asyk drama korea jew aku lyn.. lame2 cam boring lak nk lyn.. alih2 kwn aku aisy (bukan name sebenar) promote citew thai.. bapak bez glew~~ sweet sgt.. lau cite korea aku skip2 r gax.. yg thai nie aku tk skip lgsg... terbaek ah~ huhuhu.. hero die, sape penah tgk cite soda n ice tea (tk silap aku) kompem korg knl~ dlm citew nie ensem sgt!! tp sakit ati pun ade.. sian kt heroin.. meh sini aku kasik sinopsis die...

Kaew Tah Pee (apple of my eyes)

Three years after a car accident left him blind, the millionaire Chisanu Naresuan moves to the countryside to relax. There, he meets Nathlada, a young kindergarten teacher, when he bumps into her and nearly knocks her off a bridge. She is grateful to him for saving her life (she was going to kill herself, but he pulled her up and inadvertently talked her out of it) and a friendship formed. However, Nathlada, or "Lada" as she preferred to be called, believed "Chit" to be a poor blind fisherman. Her ex-boyfriend, who was married to another woman but lied to Nathlada that he was unwed, stalks her to the countryside. Chisanu gets a phone call that the doctors have found a cornea that might fit him, so he must go to France for surgery. He tricks Nathlada into marrying him and they both go to his main estate in Thailand, and then to France. Chisanu's ex-girlfriend (who is now married) and his lawyer's daughter both do their best to break him and Nathlada apart, and P'Thep (Lada's ex-boyfriend) continuously stalks Nathlada. There is a lot of misunderstanding and poor communication, and trouble abounds, but in the end (as with most Thai lakorn) the main characters end up happily together.

aku copy paste kt tenet jew nieh.. lau sape2 tk phm english sila2lah bukak kamus ea~~hehe.. so,bg peminat2 drama.. sila2 r lyn citew nieh.. mmg bez... beralih arah sket.. dr korea ke thai~ yeah!!

::nie hero & heroin::

::hero buta yg ensem..keh3..::


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